Messages From The Universe

"These messages always seem to come at the perfect time with the exact message I need to hear"
~ Melissa C. - Long Beach, CA

Messages From The Universe


We are on a mission to spread Gods love and to empower as many people as possible to live the life of their dreams.  You have the power to create every single moment in your life and the Universe wants to support you!

Once you sign-up, you'll receive inspiring, uplifting, spiritual and empowering text messages on a regular basis, intended just for you.  Join our community of subscribers and start receiving your text messages today!

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It all started years ago when one person started sending regular inspirational text messages to a small group of close friends and family. Today these inspirational, and uplifting text messages empower and enlighten countless individuals from all parts of the United States. These 

Messages From The Universe are texts sent directly to your smart phone, intended to inspire and remind you that you are a uniquely perfect creation of God with boundless potential for greatness.  



During the check-out process, you will be asked to make a monthly contribution of $4.47.  Your small contribution allows us to fund the charitable efforts of The Messages Foundation to deliver uplifting and inspirational messages and affirmations to those in need throughout the world.  We appreciate you and your support of Messages From The Universe and please know we are very grateful for your monthly subscription.

Messages From The Universe


“I have been receiving these text messages for almost a year now and I still look forward to hearing from the Universe each and every morning!"

~ James C, Lives in

New York City

“Thank you Universe for inspiring me to live my fullest life!"

~ Gunter B, Lives in

Orange County, CA

“Gods divine timing seems to send me my messages at the exact time I need to hear them - Thank You Universe!"

~ Brianna C, Lives in

Fort Worth, TX

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Messages From The Universe


God's timing is never late - you receive messages from multiple sources everyday that are meant only for you. We were inspired to create this vehicle to deliver unique text messages to individuals just like you on a regular basis. These messages often seem to arrive exactly when you need to receive them - Gods timing. Messages From The Universe is about creating a loving and supportive environment where each person has faith that the messages they receive are truly inspired and delivered through the love of God, your Angels and Spirit Guides.